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Fandom Nation

Recent Entries

1/9/03 01:40 pm - devildoll - That'll help.

Changed this to a community so I can post to it without logging out.


1/9/03 01:30 pm - Angel Link

Going to try to remember to post links I find, in order to avoid the hell of bookmarks divided between two computers.

Yay for organization!

Angel's history on the WB website.

12/10/02 04:45 pm - Open for business.

Currently looking for links to any unusual/funny/different fandom-related websites.

You can check out examples of what we're talking about here.

12/10/02 01:08 pm - Oh no! Not another title challenge!

'Fraid so.

Fast, Loose, & Lovely: The Pulp Fan Fiction Project
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